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Tailor Made Solutions for Waste and Resource Management


Innovation and creativity at your disposal

Due to tightening legislation and the emergence of new technologies, waste is no longer considered merely as a problem, but also as source of energy and raw materials. Hence waste management companies have also become suppliers of raw materials to industry. Nehlsen offers comprehensive waste management services: from collection, treatment, sorting, recycling to disposal of solid and liquid waste, but now also produces and supplies secondary raw materials and energy derived from waste.

We offer bespoke solutions for every waste problem, with the aim of moving away from simple waste disposal to modern waste and resource management. Either as a partner to municipalities or industries, Nehlsen is ready to share its experiences to succeed in your particular tasks.

Our range of services includes: 

  • Survey of waste streams: Identify the sources & location of waste fractions, existing collection systems and disposal routes.
  • Developing waste concepts: Set up waste systems based on collected data, in line with guidelines and standards and delivering optimised ecological and economical solutions
  • Continuous development: Once waste concepts are in place, they are reviewed and adjusted to maintain optimum performance
  • Knowledge sharing:  As partners in Public Private Partnerships or Joint Ventures, Nehlsen offers extensive waste management experience. Combined with local knowledge and experience, PPPs and Joint Ventures are an ideal opportunity to develop synergies and successful projects. 
  • Experience & Equipment: Nehlsen has access to expert knowledge and equipment to establish logistics and operational services in developing and emerging countries.
  • In-House Engineering: Ability to plan, develop, construct and operate a wide range of plants – from sorting plants to CHP, all based on Nehlsen’s own operational experience.

Our aim to find sustainable and innovative solutions to today’s waste management issues has ensured that Nehlsen finds itself at the forefront of development in many areas of waste management e.g. :

  • The development of a side-loading vehicle, requiring only a driver and no crew, was driven by the need for fast and cost-effective waste collection in rural areas.
  • The desire to minimise the need to landfill led Nehlsen to develop its own mechanical-biological stabilisation plants. Construction of the first plant started in 1998, with additional plants following in subsequent years. Link to MBT plant
  • The ambition to harness refuse-derived fuel (RDF) more efficiently resulted in the construction of a combined heat and power plant that generated steam and electricity for a nearby food-processing company. Link to CHP
  • The process of agglomeration technology is used to turn low quality, mixed plastics into a valuable substitute for crude oil. Link to plastic treatment
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