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Ship waste

Our operational sites in Rostock, Bremen and Bremerhaven offer a special collection and disposal service for waste generated on ships in accordance with the requirements of MARPOL, the internal agreement for keeping the seas clean.

The ports of Bremen were one of the first to meet the new requirements by starting the ship-waste collection service in 1988. Since then ships can dispose of their household-like waste, oil-water mixtures or oily sludge during their docking time at the port. Oil is an especially harmful substance that will contaminate the sea even in small amounts. So, in order to ensure adequate treatment and disposal on land, we use modern suction-trucks to safely collect any oil-water mixtures or oily sludge.

For the collection of household-like waste we use special containers that can be easily brought onto the ship to ensure that any kind of waste gets treated, recycled or disposed of safely.

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