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Packaging waste from consumer goods

Since 1993, to ensure that it is recycled, packaging waste generated in households, from items such as yoghurt pots, foil, drink cans, shampoo bottles or tetra packs needs to be collected separately in the yellow bags or bins provided.

The German Packaging Directive came into force in 1990 with the aim of forcing industry to take back their packaging material, to ensure it was recycled. Today, a number of companies, such as the Dual System Germany, are responsible for the nationwide collection and recycling of packaging waste.

Nehlsen functions as a partner for these dual systems by taking care of the collection and sorting of the packaging waste. Our modern sorting plants are able to almost entirely separate the various materials such as PP, PE, PET, foil, metal, aluminium and tetra packs automatically. These valuable secondary raw materials are pressed into bales and re-used as substitutes for primary raw materials in the processing industry and consequently help conserve natural resources and protects our environment.

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