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Hazardous waste

Nehlsen has years of experience in dealing with any type of hazardous waste, with all our treatment and disposal plants being approved and regulated by the German waste authorities. Below some examples:

Used oil and emulsions, alkaline solutions and acid

We collect contaminated fluids from industry and municipalities such as used oil, emulsions, alkaline solutions and acid. We are also able to collect and treat landfill leachate and residues from wastewater treatment plants. With our own laboratory strictly monitoring the input and output of waste materials – and with regular reports regarding type, amount collected, treated and disposed being sent to the local waste authority – the whole process is made transparent and safe.

Oil-contaminated rags and oil filters

This EWC code contains material that is contaminated with oil, such as gloves, cleaning rags and oil absorption material. These types of waste normally occur at garages, petrol stations and in mechanical engineering companies. This material is processed in our own waste treatment plants to enable its final incineration in a combined heat and power plant. Metallic oil and fuel filters should be collected separately, because they can be recycled.

Paints and lacquer

Faulty or defective batches and out-of-date stocks of paint and lacquer that cannot be used, are treated and blended until its consistency achieves the specifications needed for a refuse-derived fuel that can be used in combined heat and power plants.
Paints and lacquer can be collected from various sources such as: private households during hazardous waste collections, the paint and lacquer industry itself, the chemical industry and bulk consumers.

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