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Cryogen plant

To be able to re-use contaminated plastic and metal packaging, Nehlsen has developed a technology that can separate harmful residues, such as chemicals or oil, from sought-after raw materials like metal and plastic. This process can also recycle oil filters and composite materials made of plastic/metal and rubber/aluminium.

Currently, our cryogenic plant in Bremen can treat around 9,000 tons a year and we are receiving material from all parts of Germany, as well as Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and other parts of Europe.

To be able to use contaminated metal and plastic packaging as secondary raw materials, all harmful residues must be removed. This process takes place in a low temperature tube, which is twelve metres long, with a diameter of one and a half metres. The previously crushed feedstock material is cooled to temperatures of below -120°C, and residues adhering to the packaging materials will become brittle. Using a hammer mill, the materials can then be separated.  After automatic sorting, only clean plastics and metals are left, ready to be re-utilised in the processing industries.

The cryogenic plant can produce secondary raw materials with purity levels of up to 99%, which are traded under the product names of CryoTall (metals) and CryoPlast (plastics).

For information on delivering waste to our plant in Bremen please contact:

Ralf Duesmann 
E-Mail:                 Phone +49 421 6266 247

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