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Biogas plant

Ecologically and economically biogas is an important renewable energy source - saving energy resources and forming an alternative to fossil fuels. In the absence of oxygen, materials like slurry and manure, food waste and other biomass are turned into biogas through the activity of micro-organisms. The biogas is then used to generate electricity, steam and heat in a combined heat and power plant or, after processing, the biogas can be fed to the gas grid.

Power and heat generated from these renewable resources reduce the demand for primary fossil fuels like coal and gas and therefore contribute to climate protection and conserve precious raw materials. Furthermore, this adaptable technology forms an important part in the concept of a decentralised power supply and contributes to a better nutrient management.

Nehlsen plans, builds and operates Biogas plants, e.g. in Sagard on the island of RĂ¼gen.

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