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A strong partnership – Public Private Partnership with Nehlsen

Knowledge and experience in all aspects of technology, logistics and economics regarding waste management are a prerequisite for efficient waste management. One of the fastest ways to gain these competencies lays within a strong partnership. As a very experienced specialist in the field of waste management Nehlsen can offer this in the form of a Public Private Partnership. 

Public Private Partnership with Nehlsen – your advantages

As part of a public private partnership, your local authority and Nehlsen will set up a new company, which is then responsible for the waste management services in your area. The partners each contribute their strength and jointly face opportunities and bear risks.

Nehlsen is already experienced in setting up PPPs in Germany as well as abroad, and has found that it is possible to establish comprehensive competencies for new waste management systems in this way. Advantages that can be realised are:

  •  Stability of fees

  •  Profitability

  •  Improved and reliable service delivery

  •  Reliable collection and disposal service

  •  Distribution of risks

  •  Utilisation of opportunities

  •  Access to resources of partner (e.g. personnel, technology, logistics etc.)


Your path to PPP

If you are interested in setting up a PPP please contact us using our contact form.

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