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Waste Collection

Logistics is the core of Nehlsen’s business, and our logistics experts in the design teams not only consider the latest experiences, but also build on the long-term operational excellence demonstrated over the past decades.

Combining operational experience with planning and design leads to sophisticated collection and logistics concepts, and at the same time guarantees high level of standards and solutions that are beneficial to the customer through low operational costs.

Nehlsen can provide a solution to all types of wastes: with experience in all these sectors, we offer the collection of solid, liquid and hazardous wastes. Collection systems, including distribution of containers and waste-bins, are reviewed constantly to achieve the best results.

Currently Nehlsen operates collection contracts in over 15 different German municipalities with a total of 500 000 tonnes of waste collected per year. Some of these contracts have been running for many years, others are fairly new. Hence we have experience in managing and optimising existing contracts as well as starting up new collection systems. In total, approx. 1 030 000 tonnes of waste (including 250 000 tonnes of hazardous waste) and secondary raw materials are collected and handled by the Nehlsen Group.

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