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Street Cleaning

In the field of cleaning services, Nehlsen offers a wide range of experience with both, public and private clients. Approx. 177 000 km of public and private streets are cleaned and serviced by Nehlsen in Germany per year.

A combination of mechanical and manual sweeping, as well as water-based street washing is used to keep cities and their streets clean. Local conditions, such as environmental factors, population and traffic density, construction and design of streets, are considered by our experienced staff when designing tailor-made concepts. This ensures high cleaning efficiency with minimum impact on traffic-flow, with high cost efficiency.

All our staff are trained and qualified to deliver operational, administrative and technical  aspects as professional service providers.

Our cleaning services:

  • street cleaning

  • cleaning of public areas

  • cleaning of commercial areas

  • industrial cleaning

  • cleaning of footpaths

  • cleaning of city centres and pedestrian zones

  • cleaning service for events such as festivals. 

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