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Material Flow Management

The term material flow management refers to the process of collecting, treating and re-using secondary raw materials, thus providing a closed-loop approach and gaining an economic and ecological benefit from waste. Today, secondary raw materials play a significant role in many sectors of the processing industry.

At Nehlsen, we have many years of experience in international material flow management, including the collection, treatment and subsequent trading and supplying of a variety of secondary raw materials, in specific and specified qualities that our customers can rely on. The global markets for a variety of secondary materials have been developing for a considerable time and have become specialised. With our comprehensive experience of trading on international raw material markets, we bring the suppliers and users of secondary raw materials together.

We deal with many different kinds of secondary raw materials, overall handling about 400,000 tonnes every year including:

•    aluminium composites
•    biomass
•    cans (tin)
•    cardboard & paper
•    glass
•    packaging foil
•    paper and cardboard
•    plastic packaging
•    plastic (mixed)
•    refuse derived fuel
•    scrap metal
•    tyres (used)
•    wood (reclaimed)

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