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Northern Germany is going for Green

Nehlsen was founded in 1923 in the north German city of Bremen, where it started out as a small haulage company using horse and cart. Today, Nehlsen operates across the whole of Germany in the business areas of waste & recycling management and engineering & consultancy. For further details on the history of Nehlsen, please follow this link.

Starting at the city of Bremen, Nehlsen established a "green" belt across northern Germany from the utmost eastern part, the Island of RĂ¼gen, to the far western area, which in Germany is called Friesland. Today, more than 4,000 members of staff work at over 60 locations for municipalities, commercial enterprises, industry and individual customers. Nehlsen is also a professional partner for the development of waste concepts and recycling solutions. In addition, the company has specialised in other business areas, such as security services, engineering for automation and control of buildings, and event management. Nehlsen, further more, is committed to implement sustainable and resource oriented measures to foster climate protection by reducing overall energy consumption in its facilities and of every individual employee.


Waste and cleansing services for 550,000 people in Bremen, Germany.

The city of Bremen is located in the north of Germany and with its population of 550,000it is one of the 10 largest cities in Germany.

Street cleaning and waste management services for the city are provided by Nehlsen: 500 employees ensure that the city and streets are kept clean. The fleet consists of more than 100 refuse collection vehicles, collecting all types of refuse and transporting it to the various treatment plants: household waste, bulky waste and paper are all taking to be reprocessed. All staff are experts in their field, ranging from waste specialists over lorry drivers and administration staff to accountants and engineers.

In this way, the service once provided by the local authority of Bremen has been transformed into a 100% privately and successfully run business.

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Nehlsen International
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contact details

+49 421 84482-2331