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Operations in Poland

Within a Public Private Partnership (PPP), one or more partners join together their strengths and know how. Nehlsen has successfully practised this kind of partnership with municipalities in Poland for many years with the aim to fulfil the required environmental tasks.

Since the mid-90s Nehlsen is responsible for the collection and treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial waste in the city and municipality of Kwidzyn and the surrounding areas such as Gardeja and Sadlinki, which are located around 100 km south of Gdansk. The daily operations involve around 30 members of staff and 10 waste collection vehicles, which collect 15,500 tonnes of waste annually.

Contact details:

Przedsiebiorstwo Uslug Sanitarnych PUS Spólka z o. o.

ul. Wislana 2
82-500 Kwidzyn

phone +48 55 279 34 58
fax +48 55 261 97 40


Contact person:

Mr Jozef Grycman
Mobile: +48 695 08 55 00

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