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Our aim is customer satisfaction

Nehlsen’s Philosophy

Nehlsen’s success as a family-owned company is based on offering high quality products and services to ensure high level of customer satisfaction. The core of our philosophy addresses our approach to business, staff and the environment and can be summarised as below:


Our business approach and philosophy is based on three main pillars:

Innovations improve performance
We develop and use innovative technologies, processes and procedures to further improve the quality, efficiency and safety of our products and services .

Open dialogue results in success
We rely on open dialogue with our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders so that fair, trusting and long-lasting business relationships can be established.

Development means progress
We offer our employees a wide range of development and training programmes, so that the changing demands our company faces are met by a motivated, flexible and qualified workforce.


Our employees also embody this philosophy internally, giving the company a balanced approach that is underpinned by these binding company guidelines:

  • Only together can we achieve our goals. Strength lies within the team.

  • The quality of our services depends on the commitment and motivation of our employees.

  • We shall always be open and honest with each other.

  • Objective criticism is essential in order to ensure improvements and avoid mistakes.

  • We promote a proactive comprehensive two-way communication.

  • We foster a learning environment and allow our employees to develop where possible.

  • We always think and act in a customer-focussed and company-beneficial way.


We work towards a safe and clean environment. Our services and treatment plants contribute towards the sustainable development of the economy and society by using technology and processes that utilise the valuable parts of waste. Energy and secondary raw materials are recovered to conserve natural resources. It is our aim to develop and support the concept of integrated waste and resource management that allows us to reduce our dependency on raw materials and fossil fuels. We achieve our goals by operating within the laws and regulations that oversee industry.

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